Affiliate marketing basics

Affiliate marketing is selling a product to others. One becomes a marketing and sales agent for others who are merchants or product owners, whether individuals or business groups and companies. When someone promotes other people’s products through an affiliate network or an online system, one becomes an affiliate marketer. A commission is paid to the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is also advertising a merchant’s product online, a method similar to digital marketing or online marketing. The affiliate marketer may find ways to increase the exposure of the product to earn a higher commission. This commission is known as a “passive income” since the affiliate marketer would not know how many have bought the merchant’s product as a result of affiliate marketing efforts.

The digital marketing service provider or may use email marketing to reach out to those people who may be interested in the business, products or services. Some affiliate groups get a good, sustained and robust connection with the internet, and organize a well-trained team of email writers who would sell the product. The affiliate marketing operation becomes a business in itself.

In affiliate marketing, the producer of the product or merchant would be willing to sahre profits to the affiliate marketer to increase sales. By recruiting more people who can advertise the product, the likelihood that sales will increase is higher than if the product has limited market visibility. The merchant shares a part of the profit to the affiliated agent.

Instead of working as an individual, working through an affiliate network or group can increase the marketer’s chances of success. This goes for the merchant too where sales could increase. An affiliate network like Clickbank or Commission Junction has a database of many products where the affiliated agent may choose what to advertise. The system takes the role of service providers and handles both the payment and delivery of products. The network also pays the commission of the affiliate marketer.

The affiliate marketing agent may advertise the products that he or she chooses to sell on a website, or through social media, specifically, Facebook and Twitter. For consumer products, the most prominent known network is Amazon. The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows any qualified agent to join the program and sell Amazon products.

Social brand awareness is much the same as a hybrid SEO technique that can be used in affiliate marketing. Social brand awareness requires a sustained appearance or flashing of the brand and its image or symbol to as many media outlets as possible that include print media, broadcast or radio, television, and online. Creating a social awareness of a product is much the same as implementing a hybrid SEO strategy that can enable people to remember the brand better.

The method used by affiliate marketers are no different from that used by product launchers employing the social brand awareness strategy. Creating social awareness requires a sustained presentation or flashing of the brand and its image or symbol to as many media outlets as possible that include print media, broadcast or radio, television, and online. The method can use a combination of conventional and upscale strategies and techniques.

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