Complete List Of SEO Tools You Absolutely Need

Here’s a cold smack of truth – it is impossible to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively without the help of the right software and tools. And while it’s true that the best SEO practices include the human factor at the heart of every strategy, it’s tough to measure and analyze how a site performs in search engines without the help of some tried-and-true SEO tools. Thankfully, there are fantastic programs out there that you can use to create the most well-oiled SEO campaign you can ever imagine. We’ve made a complete list of the best SEO tools you need to use for your digital marketing campaigns right now.

Why Do You Need To Use SEO Tools?

It’s simple, really. If you make use of the right set of SEO tools, you will be able to rank your site higher on SERPs, which will increase your business’ online visibility. SEO, after all, is all about trying to rank highly on search results for effective targeted traffic. Higher ranking in Google leads to more visitors. And with the help of the best tools, you can only increase your chances at improving your brand’s online presence, a better ROI, and ultimately, long-term profit.

The truth is, you can’t create high-quality content based on the right keywords without the help of an SEO tool to help you perform extensive and time-consuming research. And even before that, you need to analyze your website’s overall SEO health so that you can have a better idea of which parts to improve or change entirely.

In short, using the right tools can save you a whole lot of time and considerable effort. And these tools are so essential that they can make or break your SEO efforts. From research, analytics, to planning and executing, you will not be successful with the right SEO tools.

List Of The Best SEO Tools Per Category

We’ve listed the best tools per category according to seasoned experts and digital marketers.

Keyword Analysis Tools

Don’t mind what anybody says otherwise. Keywords are still an essential part of an SEO campaign. Without keywords, users won’t find your site from search engines. Here are the best keyword analysis tools.

Google Keyword Planner – The perfect keyword analysis tool straight from the horse’s mouth. It is a free tool to help you come up with potential keywords for your pages and gauge how they will perform.

Keyworddit – One of the most unique keyword research tools out there. Keyworddit especially searches the most common and popular terms and keywords in popular community site Reddit.

SECockpit – This is an advanced keyword research tool used only by the most serious digital marketers. Aside from your run-of-the-mill keyword seeding, SECockpit formulates low-competition keywords that get minimum CPC in Google Adwords.

Ranking Tools

To keep up a competitive SEO campaign, it is critical to know where and how your site currently ranks. These tools will give you the best ranking analytics.

Google Search Console – a simple suite of helpful SEO tools which includes a ranking tool that also shows your competition websites.

SEO Monitor – Another one-stop for technical SEO. SEO Monitor obtains data from Google Analytics to help you solve any underlying issues.

Content Optimization

Content management is another crucial facet of SEO. In fact, keywords and almost everything you do in SEO is related to creating content.

Yoast SEO Plugin – the number one SEO plugin tool. Yoast SEO allows you to look at how your content looks for search engines. Yoast can measure your content’s readability and suggest ways to make it better.

Link Building

Everyone knows that link building is the most valuable ranking factor there is. With the best backlink analysis tool, you can stay on top of your link building efforts without much work.

Ahrefs – Ask anyone, and they will have nothing but great things to say about Ahrefs. It is by far, the best link analysis tool in the market. Ahref’s massive link index gets updated at least once a day. It’s an excellent tool to use for everyday SEO performance.

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