Don’t Get Scammed By An SEO Company

SEO is vital for any online business and there are a lot of SEO Companies that have sprouted due to the high demand for SEO services.

The reality is there are SEO techniques that do not require a lot of programming skills. A good example would be creating metadata for a webpage. When you hear of the term, you are quick to conclude that you are not a technical person and only a programmer can do this type of work. Well not really, there are many web programs that prompt you for meta tags and all you need to do is type in the words that you want and the software creates and inserts the code for you. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for this to be done.

This is only one example of how an SEO company can scam you for your money. You need to do your due diligence in choosing the right SEO company for you. We give you a list of what to look out for in order to avoid being duped.

Signs Of An SEO Scam Company

  1. Too Cheap Or Too Expensive

You need to stay away from those who charge extremely low prices. A low price usually comes with low quality, you will only get frustrated with the work and may end up paying more when you need to look for a new provider to finish the work based on your criteria.

For those who charge too high, they need to back it up with credibility and reputation. Prices for SEO services should be in line or at the same level as what other companies offer. Too low or too high is a red flag that you should avoid.

  1. Avoid Free Trials

Free trials are great when they come from reputable SEO companies. Look out for those that offer free trials and ask for access to your website.

Once access is given, you may not know what they can do with your website. A scammer may sabotage your site and come up with a fake report telling you a thousand things that are wrong with your website. They then come up with an offer to fix all the problems (that they created), on your website for a good price.    

Don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book. This scam is like giving away your ATM password to a stranger who wants to help.

  1. Guarantee Top Ranking

SEO is a process that works but needs some time in order to get the desired results. Those that guarantee a specific page rank in a short time should be avoided.

A ranking is not done on a daily basis, so there is no way that one can speed up the process. Some websites get ranked faster than others, but it usually takes from a few weeks to even a month to get ranked.

Page ranks are also dynamic and they change from time to time. A lot of factors play a role in determining rank like popularity, relevancy, and comparison with other websites. It would be really hard to come up with a guarantee that is specific and quick.

  1. Provide Thousands Of Links

Having a website that is built on credibility is one of the keys to getting high rankings on search engines. Companies that offer to give you thousands of links to your website is a red flag you must avoid at all cost.

Paying for your links and Building so many to the wrong websites too fast can do more harm to your website. This is a black hat SEO technique that Google frowns upon. Your website can be blacklisted if Google catches you using these unethical techniques.

Having too many links may also get your website labeled as having spam content. Build high-quality links by providing a lot of great content on a regular basis. Avoid having low-quality links on your site.

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