Learn How Google Search Works

Google may seem complicated to many, but in reality, the search engine is easy to understand.

One of the top influencers on the web, Neil Patel shares with us how Google search works.

The first thing that Google does is to ‘crawl’ the web using ‘spiders.’These spiders are tiny automated programs that search the internet for any new information.

The crawlers will take information from your website including your titles and text on your page to learn about what you do, who you are and who might be looking for you on the internet, for example Finat Consulting.

This may look simple on the surface but we need to consider that there are 300 to 500 new web pages being created every single minute of the day.

The biggest challenge is to look for new data and record what it’s about and then store the information accurately in a database.

The next step for Google is to figure out how to match and display the information in the database with what someone types in a search box.

Google now processes close to two trillion web searches in a single year.

Imagine the information in the database being categorized, rearranged and displayed correctly in less than a second.

It takes half a second to get a result from searches. Speed is essential with search engines and sites.

Google sped up its Google Maps homepage and traffic on the site grew by 10% in 7 days and 25% in a few weeks.

Google is on the top of the heap when it comes to search engines because it was able to do three things:

  • Look for and record more information
  • Give more accurate results
  • Perform both of the above tasks faster than any other search engine around

Google was able to give the best information to searchers compared to other alternatives.

RankBrain has helped Google become more accurate with searches. Artificial Intelligence is used to learn more about improving search results for customers.

The more new information is processed RankBrain gets better at returning more accurate information. It can analyze and understand connections and know the context of what a person is asking for.

For example, you type a search for “engineer salaries.”

There are different types of salaries like civil, electrical or mechanical.

RankBrain figures out the context of what you just typed by analyzing bits of data together over a period.

Your data and browsing history may show that you are getting a degree in civil engineering, you are graduating from Stanford, you researched civil engineering projects and civil engineering jobs.

All of these data bunched together and analyzed would help Google come up with results that are close to the type of salaries that you are looking for even if you did not type civil engineering salaries to begin with.

We have shown you a glimpse of how Google search works. You don’t need to be an expert to understand how you can apply this knowledge to your marketing efforts.

To rank higher in search engine results you need to start solving people’s problems. People who have questions indicate that they are looking for answers to their problems.

Google has been the best in giving the best information when a problem needs a solution.

A variety of results come up after a search is made and you can pick and choose which solution is best for you.

Google has one of the most complex technologies in the world with their search engine. It can process data at lightning fast speeds and provide people with accurate information about what they search for.

This is why Google is number 1 and its advertising business gets 78% of all search ad revenues.

Search engines help people find what they are looking for. That is basic and simple to understand.

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