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The life of an entrepreneur in this digital age is full of challenges. The success of an organization is placed on their shoulders and it is not an easy load to carry alone.

No matter how good a person is at what they do, they are still limited in what they can achieve by themselves.

It’s a good thing that there are VA’s or Virtual Assistants who can help out and get a portion of your workload done for you.

Virtual Assistants are heaven sent, they would be more than happy to take over your tasks and complete them for you at a very affordable price.

Their rates are tasked based and they work on a contractual basis which is why they can be paid at lower rates compared to full-time employees.

They only need a clear set of instructions from you regarding the tasks they need to finish and they are good to go. They can be working for you even when you are sleeping.

The power of the internet has given us the ability to hire VA’s from other parts of the globe. Their rates are much lower, but they can do excellent work. So yes, they can be working while you are sleeping due to the different time zones you are in.

There are different tasks that you can outsource to an SEO VA Specialist, this includes link building tasks.

Filipino SEO specialists are one of the best in the industry and they can be hired at cost-effective rates.

There are some things that need clarification when it comes to the specific tasks an SEO VA Specialist can do for you.

SEO specialists do not write content, they can only come up with the top keywords for the content writer to use in the articles.

Web development tasks are also not a part of their job, they should be done by a web developer. An SEO specialist will handle keyword research for blog content, participate in forum discussions, prepare Google analytics, do web submissions, social bookmarking and other tasks that will increase traffic to your website.

There is no guarantee that an SEO specialist will be able to increase website traffic and conversions for you. SEO may or may not work due to many factors. Working hand in hand with your SEO specialist may increase the chances of success.

Your SEO specialist is expected to provide SEO reports so that you can track the progress of the SEO efforts being done.

They can do a competitor analysis for you by researching their keywords and SEO strategies. You can either copy what works for your competitor or improve on a strategy that worked for them.

Reports on keyword rankings will help analyze if you are including the right keywords in your content.

When they are doing link building activities, just make sure that they are not using black or gray hat tactics which could penalize your website. Inform them that you expect white hat tactics to be used in all their SEO strategies.

One of the best portals where you can outsource the best Filipino virtual assistants is

You expect this company to be founded by Filipinos but surprisingly it is not. The founders just hired a Filipino VA back in 2006 and that changed their lives. John Jonas lives in Utah and is the founder of

Because of the great job the Filipino worker did for them, they shared it with colleagues, this was when they discovered a huge demand for helping clients in outsourcing for Filipino workers.

They have now grown to be the largest marketplace to find the best Filipino VAs for clients all over the globe. There are over 500,000 resumes in their database with various skills.

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